Bridge Lake

Facts & Figures

Fall colours in Paradise Bay

Lake Evaluation Summary
Trophic State: borderline mesotrophic to slightly eutrophic (chlorophyll α = 7.1 mg/m³)
Flushing Period: 62.2 years (low additional nutrient assimilation rating)
Mean Depth: 17.0 m (high additional nutrient assimilation rating)
Volume:595 million m³
Water Quality Indicators: Dissolved Oxygen well mixed at spring overturn
winter profile - anoxic in some areas.
Nitrogen (total)0.543 mg/L (eutrophic)
Phosphorus (total)0.031 mg/L
Nitrogen:Phosphorus17.5:1 (phosphorus limiting)
Water ClaritySecchi depth = 7.17 m
Watershed Characteristics: Watershed Area = 15,900 ha
Low lying, poorly drained forests of interior douglas-fir have been subject to logging and clearing. South and north shores contain most of the housing development. New development occurring along south shore.
Summary: Borderline mesotrophic to slightly eutrophic state, but water clarity relatively high. Has relatively long flushing period, but mean depth is quite high allowing for moderate assimilation of additional nutrients. High sensitivity, particularly in localized areas along the shoreline, such as in isolated bays.
Lake Sensitivity Rating: High sensitivity

Source: CRD Shoreland Management Policy (1998). For more information please read The Importance of Bridge Lake & its Watershed (BC Lake Stewardship and Monitoring Program, 1982, 1996 - 2021)

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