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Dragonfly, Davis Lake, Voight Valley, BC

Camera: Panasonic DMC-FZ1000     Exposure: 1/400s   f3.7/30mm     Date: 09.09.2020

Dragonfly, Davis Lake, Voight Valley, BC

For a few years in a row we have spent the Labor Day Weekend at Davis Lake. This time of year, mostly seniors like us visit the chain of lakes in the Voight Valley. After the hot summer months the fishing hasn’t picked up yet, but I’m still out on the lake to try my luck. In the middle of the lake, this dragonflies accompanies me for several minutes. With their huge 360° eyes they react immediately to the tiniest movement around them. I am surprised that I have time to grab my camera, set it to macro mode and take this shot without it flying away.

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